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Welcome to our 2014/2015 season at Shoreline Soccer Club. We are extremely excited to start another indoor session with you, our West Michigan family.

It has been a busy summer for us. We have replaced the ouside liner of our building and added insulation to keep us warmer in the winter and cooler in the spring and summer months. We hope this upgrade will add to your playing enjoyment here at Shoreline.

We will also be implementing quite a few changes to improve the play and your overall experience here. We are excited for the season to start and look forward to seeing you soon!

Dash Mobile – You can find all your schedules and calendars on our DashMobile system. You can login online and manage your teams, make online payments, and message teammates from the message center. DashMobile has been developed with our customers in mind. All the hassles of sending out game reminders, creating e-mail lists, and keeping track of money can be done through DashMobile. Get started today!

All games are on as scheduled for this evening 02/24/15.